Serenity of high-end life at the embassy quarter of Moscow
Ambassador Golf Club Residence is the private residential complex just west of Moscow city centre. Overlooking Moscow’s legendary golf course and area’s evergreen nature, it is raised by traditions of modern european architecture. Membership in the Moscow City Golf Club emphasizes resident’s special status.
Premium location of Ambassador Golf Club Residence allows quick access to Moscow’s main arteries — Third Ring Road, Garden Ring Road, Moscow-river promenades, Kutuvsky, Komsomolsky, Michurinsky and Vernadskogo avenues.
2 km
To Kutuzovsky avenue and Third Ring Road
3 km
To Moscow-City business center
7 km
To Moscow Kremlin
Highways that were renewed in 2018 and 2019 connect residential complex with key country destinations.
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Ambassador Golf Club Residence is a neighbour to 16 foreign embassies in the prestigious quarter of Ramenki in Moscow's southwest. Complex fits 54 spacious apartments and two-story penthouses that take its upper floors. 
Complex is designed by modern standards of european neoclassical architecture. House facade is faced with the natural rusticated limestone. Elements of facade’s design resemble legendary french balconies.

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From 122 m 2
Living area of ​​the apartment
10 floors
Club house height
54 apartments
In the club house

Residential complex’s infrastructure includes 24-hour PRIME concierge service, the private gym furnished with TechnoGym equipment, the bakery, the vinery and the very own movie theater.

Ramenki is the center of cultural, educational and sport history of Russia. Famous soviet directors and actors launched their artistic journeys here, many iconic movie scenes were shot. Moscow State University is only 10 minutes away, Luzhniki stadium — 13.



Life style

  • TechnoGym equipment
    Private gym is located on the ground floor of the residence complex. Professional TechnoGym equipment and fitness sessions with personal trainers are only an elevator ride away.
  • PRIME concierge-service
    PRIME company provides 7-star 24-hour service to all residents regardless of request. Among PRIME partners are banks, airlines and luxury hotels.
  • Valet parking
    Real star treatment parking. Professional valet will meet you at the entrance and park your car in the underground garage.
  • Private movie theater
    Private movie theater with reclining chairs and limited seating arrangement is perfect for exclusive screenings for family and friends. Both new movies and classics are available.
  • Golf club
    Only four minutes of a relaxing stroll away. Membership in the legendary Moscow City Golf Club offers peaceful game tempo away from the city noise in the center of the capital.

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Best for Moscow

Residential complex takes only the best from European architectural styles. In the concept developed by bureau SPEECH, house facade is faced with natural rusticated limestone. Facade has the highest design reviews for its durability and effectiveness in regulating temperatures inside.

Every detail of interior is bathed in natural light that shines through tall windows 3.35 m high. Technology of life make life in Ambassador Golf Club Residence especially comfortable

For connoisseurs of space around you

Exclusivity is the best quality of living in Ambassador Golf Club Residence. Complex only fits 54 spacious apartments and two-story penthouses that take its upper floors. Large terraces will accomodate guests for celebratory dinners, dates and business breakfasts overlooking grand architecture of Victory Park and evergreen tops of nearby gardens.

Additional features
Prime service